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ALOKA SSD-5000 is one of the premier ultrasound systems.

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5 days ago
Fault in ultrasound SSD 6500 aloka
Hello sir I have an Aloka SSD 6500 with fault System recovery failed" Generic CPU was not responded even with several retries. Please manually reboot the system by power switch. Please anyone help Reply


4 years ago
boards cage numbers
I have an Aloka-SSD 5000 with following side cage numbers from left to right : 124-257-322-092-091-093/4-093/3-093/1-094-125-126-377-059 the problem is I have got a set of boards for side cage with completely different numbers although they do the same job . the numbers of boards are for instance : EP473350-EP487050-EP487150-... can anyone help with a picture of cage for these boards ? or the table of locations as in the service manual ?Reply


5 years ago
problème de demarrage

j'ai acheté un echographe ALOKA prosound SSD 5000SV.bon occasion en allemagne;il marchait très bien quand je l'ai emballé moi même;arrivé au Maroc quand je l'ai allume moi même il n'a pas voulu dé me donne ce message sur l’écran; system recovery failed.Generic CPU was not responded evin with several retries. please manually reboot the system by power switch. j'ai démarre manuellement,sans succès..prière aidez moi a démarrer ce monstre surtout que mon activité dépend de lui et je n'ai pas d’économies pour acheter un autre...MERCIIII

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