Siemens - Acuson 17L5 Linear Array
by Siemens

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HD Linear Probe, 5 - 17 MHz

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[*]Frequencies: 15.0, 12.0, 8.0 MHz    [*]NTHI Frequency: H14.0 MHz    [*]Color Doppler Frequencies: 14.0, 12.0, 10.0, 8.5, 7.0 MHz    [*]Spectral Doppler Frequency: 7.0 MHz    [*]High Resolution Color Flow    [*](HRCF) Frequencies: 14.0, 10.0, 7.0 MHz    [*]Cadence™ Contrast Pulse    [*]Sequencing (CPS) Frequencies: P14.0, P10.0, P8.0, P7.0 MHz    [*]Imaging Formats: Linear and Vector™ wide-view imaging format    [*]Array Footprint: 51.2 mm    [*]Maximum Display Depth: 80 mm

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