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here’s a new standard of cost-efficiency in sterilization.

The STERRAD 50 System prevents sterilization from taking a big bite out of your budget. Based on the patented application of hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology, the system is both fast and effective for heat-stable, heat-sensitive, and moisture-sensitive instruments and medical devices. What’s more, the gentle process offers unsurpassed material compatibility and uncompromising safety.

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7 years ago
ASP - Sterrad 50 service manual
I need the service manual and password for the sterrad 50, I have one that need preventive maintance.Reply


-Gabriel Armijo
10 years ago
Sterrad 50

I need the service manual and password for the sterrad 50, I have one that need preventive maintance.

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[list]        Increased speed and capacity        [*] Rapid 45-minute cycle time.        [*] 1.55 cubic foot rectangular chamber holds multiple trays.        [*] Dry, low-temperature process means instruments are available for immediate use or storage.        [*] Reduces expensive instrument inventories.          Unsurpassed material compatibility       [*] Compatible with most medical devices.        [*] Tested by 250 device manufacturers on over 1,500 devices.    Reduced instrument damage and repairs       [*] Gentler than steam and peracetic acid processes.        [*] No corrosion due to humidity.        [*] Reduced damage due to heat, shock, and handling.          Easy to install and move        [*] No water source, heat booster, or ventilation required.        [*] Runs on standard 110-VAC to 120-VAC, 60-Hz electrical.        [*] Compact and portable.  [/list]


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