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Core of the Alaris System

Refurbished Carefusion Alaris Medley Module PCU 8015 Point-of-Care Unit is the core of the Alaris System, which provides a common user interface for programming the infusion and monitoring modules, helping to reduce complexity at the point of care. This central "brain" allows other modules to be connected including LVP (Infusion Set), SPO2, NIBP, ETCO2, Syringe and PCA

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6 months ago
Alaris 8015 PC not turning on

Whenever I press the System On key, the red arrow starts blinking and the unit beeps until i press the System on key again. I've tried holding the tamper to go into maintenance mode and that doesn't work either. 

It has a battery from this year. I charged it overnight and the issue continues this morning. Not sure if others have ran into this or what else to try. 



a year ago
IV pump infusing faster than normal when connected to particular PC unit
Customer states, "Pump infusing faster than times set, pls sent to Bio." I performed a test infusion using this device, a known good PC unit and a known good IV pump. I found that the customer was correct. For some reason, IV pumps run faster when connected to this device than a normal one. I flashed the firmware in an attempt resolve the issue but no change was observed. If a pump is on the upper end of rate calibration the effect is enough to through the infusion volume outside calibration. Has anyone had this issue before and how do I make a repair? Thanks.Reply


2 years ago
Battery conditioning test will not finish
I got a brain the user wrote that it failed battery conditioning test(hereby referred to as "BCT") twice. So I do my own BCT and I get this issue. The time to completion is stuck at 00:00 for about 24 hours. So I turn the unit off, check the battery connection pins, bend them slightly to give them better contact with the battery, install a new battery and try again. Same issue, so I leave the brain running for much longer to see if that fixes it with no luck. Lastly, I tried taking apart the unit and putting it back together just in case there was some lose connection causing the problem. No dice. There are no error codes in the logs that has helped me out. So I'm wondering, is this a logic board or a power supply issue, what else should I try and where can I get the correct part?Reply
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Alaris 8015 Accessing Clinical and Maintenance Settings
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How Do You Know Which Infusion Pump is Best?

How Do You Know Which Infusion Pump is Best?

Infusion pumps are invasive pieces of medical equipment that work to save lives through preventing dehydration, and also aid in the continual release of medication.

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Becton Dickinson (BD) CareFusion 303 Inc. Recalls Alaris System...

The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.

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