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The AXIOM Aristos TX is primarily used in radiology departments in hospitals and practices that have high patient throughput, where a dedicated unit provides a cost-effective solution. [list] [*] Dedicated chest imaging system [*] Large size detector for excellent anatomy coverage [*] Can be installed in small rooms [*] Enhanced patient care with reduced radiation dose [*] Not Available in the US [/list]

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-Jason Sykes DC
2 years ago
Seeking Siemens Axiom Aristos TX Manuals in English
Seeking Siemens Axiom Aristos TX Manuals in EnglishReply


-Jason Sykes DC
2 years ago
Installation engineer required London, UK
Looking for an engineer to install this machine. 02089942527

Equipment: Axiom Artistos TX



2 years ago
Code error
Hello, I had just installed a Siemens Axiom Aristos VX Dr Plus X-ray machine. Each time I turn it on, an error code is displayed: error 126 from Apld : 24. Voltage out of range (D14 - 3 D TOP) error 128 from Apld : 24 Defective poti selected. How to solve this problem? Can you help me? My email address : willyarung@hotmail.comReply


High Quality and Cost Effective Healthcare With the emphasis to provide high quality and cost effective healthcare, radiology departments have to maintain a balance between increasing patient throughput and good patient care with positive clinical outcomes. Recognizing these factors, the AXIOM Aristos family of digital imaging systems is designed to meet these challenges within radiology. DICOM – Connecting Your Clinical Practice Integrating the AXIOM Aristos family as part of your digital imaging solution, you get the full benefits of modern networking - communication across systems. Whether it's filming, data transfer or teleradiology - it has never been faster or easier. With networked communication and automatic transfers, patients benefit from earlier diagnoses and delivery of therapeutic management. This ultimately leads to high satisfaction among referring physicians, which translates to repeat referrals and additional opportunities. Efficiency With Ease A key difference you will realize with the AXIOM Aristos family is the lack of cassette changes and processing. There is no film processing delay as the acquired image is displayed almost instantaneously for positioning checks. This means the intervals between patients are shorter as workflow is faster and this can translate into better management of patient throughput and staff allocation. Along with other innovative features, the Aristos digital imaging system works to meet virtually any clinical demands without compromise in safety and quality. User-friendly features such as programmed system positioning, synchronized tube and table movements and large system travel range; you will experience improvements in your workflow while caring for your patient.


Detector TypeAmorphous Silicon
Pixel Matrix3k x 3k
X-ray Generator Power Rating50 Kw at 100 kV according to IEC
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