Berchtold - Chromophare E 650
by Berchtold

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The ultimate halogen OR light.

BERCHTOLD’s CHROMOPHARE E 650 uses second-generation BRITe halogen technology, combined with a unique one-piece polygon reflector to create a bright, uniform spot with superior shadow control & deep cavity penetration. The efficiency of BRITe produces far less heat than conventional halogen lights. High maneuverability, easy operation, a multitude of options, and the ability to combine with other lights, flat panels, and equipment booms create a product that is optimized for the entire surgical team.

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-Jay Rod
4 years ago
Controller cable
Where does it plug up at light x1 or x2 or does it matter?Reply


-Clayton E
6 years ago
weight of Luminiere
does anyone know the weight of an individual luminere E650, replacing with LED Q-Flow for project , trying to calculate the load to the first fix ceiling fittings.Reply


-Jim Gibson
7 years ago
E650 Sheared Off Light Intensity Stem
I have a copy of the service manual but, it does not detail how to disassemble the light to be able to replace the stem. Does anyone have any more detail info on how to do this.Reply


[list]          [*] Efficient and cost-effective BRITe halogen light source           [*] Intensity-smoothing polygon optics, for consistent illumination across the field           [*] Optics produce both deep penetration and superior shadow control, for use in a wide range of cases           [*] Highly configurable, allowing you to build the light sets around your OR           [*] Future-proof universal suspension with the strength and capacity for quick and easy adaptation to future technologies          [/list]


Bulb Life1000 hr
Depth of Field48 in
Color Temperature4500 K
Lighthead Diameter26 in
Field Diameter6.7 in -11"

Additional Specifications

Intensity: 80,000 – 145,000 lux           Color rendering index: 94           Bulb type: 150W BRITe halogen           Electrical: 100/120/127v AC, 240VA           UL listed

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