Berchtold - Chromophare E 655
by Berchtold

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The perfect marriage of bright & cool.

BERCHTOLD’s CHROMOPHARE E 655 uses an efficient 70W HID light source to create an amazing 160,000 lux of max intensity and light field consistency. Its one-piece polygon reflector produces both effective shadow control & deep cavity penetration, and gives the surgeon a uniquely uniform spot, for constant edge to edge viewing within the surgical site. High maneuverability, easy operation, freedom from bulb changes, a multitude of options, and the ability to combine with other lights, flat panels, and equipment booms create a product that is optimized for the entire surgical team.

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-Sigma Medical
7 years ago
Light stuck in sleep mode
How do I get it out of sleep modeReply


8 years ago
wiring diagram

college acquired this surgical light (Chromophare E655) from another campus which didn't have the wiring or installation instructions. Berchtold will not help.



8 years ago
Operating Room Light Bulbs

I am looking for the replacement bulbs for the Chromophare E 655 Bulbs Can you help me with this?



[list]        [*] 70 watt light source for incredibly efficient operation         [*] Maximum intensity allowed by IEC standard for surgical lights         [*] Intensity-smoothing polygon optics, for consistent illumination across the field         [*] Optics produce both deep penetration and superior shadow control, for use in a wide range of cases         [*] Sleep mode, for near instant on/off operation         [*] Highly configurable, allowing you to build the light sets around your OR         [*] Future-ready universal suspension with the strength and capacity for quick and easy adaptation to future technologies        [/list]


Bulb Life5000 hr
Depth of Field50 in
Color Temperature4500 K
Lighthead Diameter26 in
Field Diameter6.7 in -11

Additional Specifications

Intensity: 80,000 – 160,000 lux         Color rendering index: 96         Bulb type: 70W HID         Electrical: 100/120/127v AC, 240VA         UL listed

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