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[b]A Clear Choice for Cost-Effective Imaging[/b]      [*] Very high frequencies      [*] Large footprint      [*] Doppler sensitivity      [*] True Echo Harmonics            [b]Puncture Guides for Convenient Biopsy[/b]      [*] 30, 45 and 60 angles of insertion.      [*] Variable diameter, allowing you to choose the desired needle size.            [b]Immediate Lesion Assessment[/b]      [*] Provides image clarity and contrast resolution      [*] Determine necessity for biopsy on the spot      [*] Perform aspiration or biopsy immediately

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Additional Specifications

Focal Range(typical): 2 - 55 mm      Acoustic contact: 50 x 4 mm      Disinfection: Immersion or STERIS SYSTEM 1*      Dimensions: 105 x 64 x 22 mm      Weight (approx.): 98 g

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