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Endocavity triplane transducer

[b]Triplane – all prostate zones with one transducer[/b]        [*] unsurpassed images in 3 visionary planes        [*] switch between prostate zones at the touch of a button        [*] increase diagnostic value with 3D, Contrast and Doppler        [b]Easy and comfortable to use[/b]        [*] take confident apical biopsies with endfire array        [*] biopsy the peripheral, transition and central zones with simultaneous biplane        [*] one-time insertion and minimal manipulation using disposable dual guide

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[list]        [*] Transrectal prostate scanning        [*] Transrectal puncture and biopsy        [*] Transperineal puncture and biopsy        [*] Transvaginal scanning        [*] Spectral and CFM Doppler examinations        [*] Tissue harmonic imaging        [*] Contrast imaging*        [/list]


Frequency Range4 to 12 MHz

Additional Specifications

Contact surface (acoustic): 34.4 x 5.5 mm        Focal range: 3 - 60 mm        Scanning modes: B, M,BCFM, Doppler, Contrast*, Tissue Harmonic        Frame Rate: 60 Hz        Image field(expanded): triplane / 140°        Dimensions: 36 x 39 x 323 mm        Weight: 230 g        Disinfection: Immersion,STERIS SYSTEM 1** STERIS SYSTEM 1E,STERRAD 50,100S and 200 STERRAD NX and 100NX***

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