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Convex abdominal 62.5mm transducer

[b]Deep Penetration and High Resolution[/b]      [*] Clearly visualize deep anatomical structures.      [*] Coded excitation.      [b]Comfortable Ergonomic Design[/b]      [*] A control button right on the handle.      [*] Slim design and rounded handle enables lighter grip with minimum pressure.      [b]3D and harmonic imaging for easier identification of lesions[/b]      [*] use 3D as a diagnostic tool      [*] visualization of lesions in 3 planes appears to allow improved assessment of capsular disruption

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[list]      [*] Liver      [*] Pancreas      [*] Bladder      [*] General abdominal      [*] Obstetric scanning      [*] Interventional procedures      [/list]


Frequency Range2 to 6 MHz

Additional Specifications

Contact surface (acoustic): 62.5 x 13 mm      Scanning Modes: B, M, Doppler, BCFM, Tissue Harmonic, and Contrast*      Focal range: 12 - 200 mm      Disinfection: Immersion      Dimensions: 104 x 77 mm      Weight: 180 g

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