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The Curlin 4000 CMS, is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion device capable of delivering continuous PCA, PCEA, subcutaneous, TPN, intermittent and variable modes. This unique, technologically advanced and innovative system continuously monitors and displays line pressure to help you detect potential catheter patency problems, such as occlusions, obstructions and pinched off catheters.    The Curlin 4000 CMS™ is communication-capable (connects with PCs or PDAs); sophisticated (high resolution, user audit trail, accuracy, detailed information recording); and feature-rich (shift-totals, on-screen hourly totals, highly visible large fonts, quick-repeat and continuous back-light-on with AC power). In addition, it incorporates the unique line pressure display and productivity features of the CMS™ Software program.      The 4000 CMS™ has been specifically designed to resolve the ongoing conflict between quality vs. high costs, enhancing patient safety while lowering infusion expenses. Its simplicity of operation, highlighted by menu-driven protocols with context sensitive help screens, makes the Curlin 4000 CMS™ extremely simple to use. The 4000 CMS™ has received the "CE" mark as well as many other certificates marking it for sale in the European community.      The 4000 CMS™ has the ability to deliver at low rates, a flow resolution that is up to 25 times better than any other ambulatory pump on the market. The 4000 CMS™ works synergistically with a PC and/or Palm™ PDA improving the outcome, and reducing the risk of programming errors. All these features, along with its extensive information database makes the 4000 CMS™ an essential medical equipment element, capable of offering significantly improved operating performance and safety, at a substantially reduced cost.      Curlin pumps give you a choice of different non-DEHP set configurations, including needleless injection sites, 0.22 and 1.2 micron filtered sets, yellow-striped epidural sets, sets with 150 ml integral fluid containers, and syringe delivery sets. All Curlin sets incorporate an active, integral-flow-stop.

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8 years ago

How to find passcode to unlock pump



8 years ago
F1 fuse on Curlin 4000 main board 340-2001-00

The F1 fuse on the main board is blown. Does anyone know the size?




8 years ago
Programming issue

I have Curlin Custom 4000 CMS that will not allow me to change to continuous infusion. I went into Biomed Toolbox to Therapy option and units continuous was turn off. I select this option and pressed NO/Change button. When this button was pressed I got a alarm stating that modification not allow. Do you have any information for me to get this problem resolved?

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Volume to be Infused1 to 9999 ml
Height5.1 in
Length 2.5 in
Flow Rate Range0.1 to 400 ml/h
Weight17.5 oz
Flow Accuracy5 %
Infusion Pump TypeAmbulatory
KVO Range0 to 10 ml/h
Width4 in

Additional Specifications

Pumping mechanism: Curvilinear peristaltic pumping action  Resolution of flow: 0.002 ml (2 microliters)   Power sources: 2 "C" alkaline batteries

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