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From the hospital to the outpatient clinic to the home—one pump fits all your ambulatory infusion needs.

The Curlin 6000 Clinical Management System (CMS™), is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion device capable of delivering PCA, PCEA, subcutaneous, TPN, intermittent and variable modes. This unique, technologically advanced and innovative system continuously monitors and displays line pressure to help you detect potential catheter patency problems, such as occlusions, obstructions and pinched off catheters.      The Curlin 6000 CMS™ is communication-capable (connects with PCs or PDAs); sophisticated (high resolution, user audit trail, accuracy, detailed information recording); and feature-rich (shift-totals, on-screen hourly totals, highly visible large fonts, quick-repeat and continuous back-light-on with AC power). In addition, it incorporates the unique line pressure display and productivity features of the CMS™ Software program (see CMS™ software).

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2 years ago
Screwdriver to remove power and data ports.
How do you remove the data and power ports? Is there a certain type of screw driver to use?Reply


4 years ago
Unlock code?
Need a unlock code, there is no address other then the utah one and have already tried that , trying to reprogram it.Reply


5 years ago
Clinician access code
What is the access code for this pump?Reply
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[list]   [*] Improved display design with larger brighter screen for ease of view and programming   [*] Improved titrate performance and programming   [*] New packaging design to increase reliability   [*] Easier access to information through "Information On Demand" feature   [/list]


Volume to be Infused1 to 9999 ml
Height5.1 in
Length 2.5 in
Flow Rate Range0.1 to 400 ml/h
Weight17.5 oz
Flow Accuracy5 %
Infusion Pump TypeAmbulatory
KVO Range0 to 10 ml/h
Width4 in

Additional Specifications

Pumping mechanismCurvilinear peristaltic pumping action   Power sources 2 "C" alkaline batteries, AC, External rechargeable battery pack

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