Lighthouse Imaging - EndoScan
by Lighthouse Imaging

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Hand-Held Rigid Endoscopy Visual Inspection Device

EndoScan is a hand-held visual inspection device for routine inspection, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting of the internal components of rigid endoscopes. The EndoScan holds the scope in-line with the optical train for visual inspection of the internal optics. Use in SPD, Biomed or OR to detect broken or cracked lenses, moisture or lens separation or for evaluation pre and post repair. The EndoScan also supports attachment to a standard C-mount video camera for photographic documentation.

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[list]  [*]Cracked relay lenses            [*]Moisture in optical system            [*]Dirt on surfaces            [*]Adhesive Degradation            [*]Precision glass imaging lens for the clearest view of endoscope interior            [*]Accepts all DIN standard endoscope eyepieces            [*] Locking eyepiece attachment prevents possible damage during testing            [*] Adapts to standard endoscopic video cameras for documentation  [/list]


Weight7 oz
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