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The ACUSON Aspen ultrasound system resulted from a unique convergence of select ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system technologies.

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4 years ago
'' Software Sono-Pac for this Transducer has not Licensed ''
My Aspen Acuson ultrasound from 2005 showed the following text '' Software Sono-Pac for this Transducer has not Licensed ''. I use the original probes I bought with Aspen Acuson from MIDES-Austria. Meanwhile, the Li-ion memory battery was checked, its voltage was 0.6V, then it was replaced with a new one, whose voltage is standard 3V. It still re-prints the same message on startup. '' Sono-Pac Software for Dis Transducer Software Not Licensed ''. I kindly ask for your help. Reply


-Keith Lartigue
5 years ago
Help configuring PACS, IP, AE, DATE and TIME on a Siemens Acuson Aspen Adavaced.
Hello, I've been reading the service manual trying to configure this US for a new site and the closest ive gotten is in Customer Menu > Configuration > Service Access > Please input access number prompt. I can not find the password any where. Could someone direct me in the right direction? Reply


-brian elliott rvt
6 years ago
service manual
how to replace monitor Reply
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  • Simplified User Interface 
  • Image Optimization Scheme With Image Control 
  • Expanded Native Tissue Harmonic Imaging 
  • 4C1 Transducer Option 
  • Three Active Transducer Ports Option
  • DICOM Patient Modality Worklist Option 
  • Improved Vascular Functionality - Link PW Cursor to CD Box; Link PW Cursor to Spectral Doppler Display; Link PW Display with Baseline Shift; Improved CD Interaction in Triplex; Automatic Color Bar Invert when Steering 
  • Active Cursor
  • Stage Timer
  • Improved RES enhanced resolution format and Color Box Functionality
  • Improved "2-D Only" Key Functionality


Cart Based1
Height53 in
Length 46 in
Weight477 lbs
Clinical ApplicationsAnesthesia
Doppler ModesColor doppler, color angio & B-color * PW/CW Doppler
Width25 in
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