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Fujinon's new 4400 System platform, built upon the new "Fully Digital" EPX-4400 processor and light source has been designed to meet the needs of any facility, at any level of care, while offering an advanced product line designed to address research and teaching programs. The 4400 System is the only endoscope system in the world to offer Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in each endoscope, and in the processing platforms. This advancement brings a level of image clarity and resolution unseen in traditional endoscopes. Offering endoscopes with Fujinon's traditional 410,000 pixel CCD, and FujiFilm proprietary Super CCD endoscopes, the 4400 System offers a new level of imaging capability.

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2 months ago
There is no image from the endoscope camera on the display.
Hello. Video processor Fujinon VP-4400. There is no image from the endoscope camera on the display. Where the image should be, a dark background with noise. The endoscope is serviceable, checked on another video processor. Help if you know what is the cause of the malfunction. Where can I find the service manual? Thank you.Reply


4 years ago
the source cant give light control



-kousik dutta
4 years ago
service manual of 4450 fujifilm endoscope

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