GE Healthcare - OEC 9800
by GE Healthcare

Mobile C-Arm System

The GE OEC 9800 C-Arm System is a versatile unit designed with multiple x-ray applications in mind. The 9800 can be used in Pain Management, Orthopedics, Vascular and Neurovascular environments. An upgrade from the 9600, the 9800 now offers 1K x 1K image resolution, better image quality with lower x-ray dosage due to new imaging software, and touch screen operation, on top of the already excellent penetration power, and excellent image quality.

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-chris k
23 days ago
Anyone offer training besides, GE and RSTI on these?Reply


-Metropolis Tech
4 months ago
erasing patients
hey, how do you erase patients information from the workstation of an OEC 9800 super-c? thanks, in advance.Reply


7 months ago
Can't Connect Laptop
We have tried Utility Suite, and Rut. 2 different cables, different laptops. Changed the Infc Board where the cable attaches on the rear of the monitor cart as well as the System Interface Board. Still no luck connecting a laptop to it. Any suggestions? Anyone have a Service Manual for it?Reply


Video Camera:

  • High resolution CCD camera * Full frame capture * 360° motorized rotation * On-screen orientation indicator (realtime feedback without fluoro) * Left-right image reversal * Top-bottom image reversal * Negative mode * Video signal: Standard RS 170A 60 Hz, 525 lines * Aspect ratio: 4:3 * Computer controlled features:


Image Display16 in black etched, anti-glare, anti-static
Maximum Focal Spot0.3 mm
Motorized Tilting/Pivot Rotation360
X-ray Generator Power Rating15 Kw

Additional Specifications

C-Arm Dimensions:       

  • Height: 68 / 86 in (1734 / 2191 mm)       
  • Width: 33 in (838 mm)       
  • Length: 78 in (1994 mm)       
  • Weight: 720 lbs.       
    Workstation Dimensions:       
  • Height: 64 in (1632 mm)       
  • Width: 27 in (692 mm)       
  • Depth: 27 in (692
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