Ziehm Imaging - 7000
by Ziehm Imaging


The Ziehm 7000 C-Arm is an inexpensive entry level work horse perfect for Chiros that are converting to pain management.

The system is the first Ziehm C-Arm model to use the CCD Camera and is a upgrade from the CB7-D.

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-Dr. Z
8 months ago
Monitor cart not booting up
I have a 2 Ziehm 7000s that are both crippled right now so appreciate any insight. 1) Was working intermittently in that the monitor cart (double CRT) does not boot up completely. Keyboard goes through appropriate sequence, but no bars and screens remain blank/dark. The C arm boots up and can take fluoro, but nothing visual on monitor screens. What can the problem be? 2) The other one boots up but when I take a picture, the image is all dark grey. Appreciate any help. Already confirmed for #1 that connecting cable is good. Thanks!Reply


a year ago
Ziehm Exposcop 7000 replacement radiation warning lamp (bulb part number?)
Need to know the part number, voltage, wattage, base type for the radiation warning lamp on the cart. The bulb was previously removed by someone else and has been lost.Reply


-Med works
a year ago
Cable wire pulled from the hand held push button. I need the schematic for the push button handle and switch.
Need to reattach the pulled wire to the push button switch switch.Reply
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  • LIH – Last Image Hold
  • Iris and slot collimator
  • Image rotation
  • Body region and application specific keys – Extremities,Chest, Head, Spine, Hip, Metal
  • Soft tissue
  • 9/6″ Image Intensifier
  • 17″ Anti-Glare Monitors
  • Small Footprint For Easy Movement

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