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Helps you deliver unmatched performance through patient-focused care.

The Aisys Carestation from GE Healthcare helps you deliver unmatched performance through patient-focused care. Our perioperative carestations integrate devices, therapies and information systems at the point of need – at your fingertips.       GE Healthcare pioneered this concept in response to your needs and concerns. With the Aisys Carestation, we offer you the most complete anesthesia solution yet.

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9 years ago
Aisys ET-CO2

Running a test lung/case, can't get the ET/CO2 to  over 400, regardless of setpoint.

At GE suggestion, I've already replaced the flow control valve in the vent engine.

Machine checks, circuit test, low P test all pass.

Any suggestions?





10 years ago
Malignant Hypothermia flush

Is there a specific procedure specified by GE or FDA for flushing the machine priior to a diagnosed MH patient?





11 years ago

Excessive moisture buildup during long (6-10 hours)duration cases. To the point that operation of the ventilator is effected. I have the GE condenser on the machine, we use a single limb Westmed circuit. I am aware that the humidity and temp in the OR suite contributes to this issue. Is there a de-humidifier available. Short of actually changing the breathing system during the case, any suggestions.


Update........07/01/2013 For the last several cases, we've been using a twin limb circuit. Moisture buildup has been reduced markedly, but not eliminated. In-line filters will be the next test. Ken
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The Aisys Carestation includes   [list]   [*] Exclusive INview Patient Displays, which give you the flexibility to position the patient monitoring, ventilation data, and controls right where you need them.   [*] Gas and agent consumption measurements help you track usage and capture costs.    [*] The Aisys Carestation helps you assess costs and improve efficiencies. The 7900 SmartVent is flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of patients: neonates, cardiac, compromised and routine cases.   [*] The Aisys Carestation is modular and upgradeable to accommodate emerging technologies, yet maintains the same familiar user interface and fresh gas delivery as our traditional flow tube based anesthesia machines.   [*] Superior ventilation and full vital signs monitoring in the Aisys Carestation are combined with our clinical information systems to supply you the features and data that help you provide safe and accurate care for your patients.   [/list]


ScavengerOpen, Closed or Passive interface
Weight370 lbs
Vaporizer TypeElectronic control
Vent ModesManual/Spontaneous, Volume Control, Pressure Control, PSVPro® (Pressure Support with Apnea backup), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV with Volume or Pressure controlled), electronic PEEP

Additional Specifications

Monitoring included:   Volume, Pressure, paramagnetic Oxygen (VPO), spirometry, agent analysis, capnography . Optional integrated physiologic monitoring      Ventilator: New model GE 7900 with ascending ("standing") bellows, dual circuit, pneumatically-driven ventilator with tidal volume corrected for leaks, compliance, and fresh gas flow. Variable orifice flow sensors compensate for compliance losses and leaks from their location near the breathing circuit unidirectional valves. Accurate to very low tidal volumes (20-1500 mL). The "bag/vent" switch activates the mechanical ventilator in one step.       Machine checklist: Automated checklist with some manual steps.      Flowmeters: electronic control and capture of FGF. No minimum oxygen flow.      Breathing circuit: The advanced breathing circuit has 2.7 L volume in mechanical ventilator mode, 1.2 L in bag mode (800 gm absorbent). Loose fill granules or prepackaged absorbent.

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