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EPIQ 7 features the most powerful architecture ever applied to ultrasound imaging.

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13 days ago
Failing Error witht the aquisition board.
During Diagnostics the acquisition board fails. We believe it to be a software issue to cause it to fail. has anyone heard anything like this? If so what steps can be taken to repair the board to get back to operating status?Reply


-Marc H
a month ago
Cloning hard drives Epiq 7C
I've run into some issues on one of my Epiq 7C units. We recently had a software corruption. I had back up copies of the hard drives, but this did not solve the issue. My thoughts are one of my backup drives may have been bad. Upon further discussion, it was brought up that the two patient data drives are in a RAID. Is there a correct or "safe" way to make back up copies of the RAID drives? I have both a Disc Jockey and a Startech HDD duplicator. I'm confident removing the main SSD and duplicating out of the ultrasound is fine, but perhaps there was something in my set up that was incorrect when cloning the RAID drives? Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Reply


2 months ago
Epiq7c Error
Hello, I am getting an intermittent error 200.8D48.8PYN.23 occurring a couple weeks apart. can anyone provide guidance to what is causing this error. ThanksReply


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  • Ease of use
  • Conventional ultrasound beamforming
  • Workflow
  • Portability
  • Ergonomics
  • Synthetic focus beamforming
  • Multi-line beamforming
  • Fewer transmit operations with increased frame rate
  • Ultra-wide system bandwidth and exceptional signal-to-noise ratio


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