Philips - PageWriter Touch
by Philips

PageWriter Touch EKG Machine

PageWriter Touch is designed for high volume hospital use where the going is rough but quality is critical. A high-resolution 15-inch touch screen clearly displays 10 seconds of all 12 leads, color-coded for signal quality. Preview the full report waveform and interpretation before printing to save time and paper. Wireless communication simplifies life, allowing you to quickly download orders and send data to your EKG management system all in record time. Easy, Fast, 12-Lead EKGs for Hospitals Large or Small.

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-H A v d Velde
2 months ago
password setup
I need password for setup Philips page writer touch Reply


-Dr Spok
2 years ago
Hello! i need to get into config to set up to change the network. However no one here remembers the password. I tried the hard reset procedure but it still wants a password and the few i tried do not work like 0000, service, biomed. Also in the reset procedure it says to remove the card from the rear but this machine does not have a card. Anyway any help would be appreciated Reply


2 years ago
What is the year of manufacture of the TC10 and TC20? Has the TC20 been discontinued?Reply


  • EKG signal acquisition of up to 12 leads for both adult and pediatric patients                       
  • R/T (real-time) 12-lead display with EKG                       
  • Snapshot feature: - Take EKG snapshots of any data on the screen with the touch of a button - Review snapshots and print ECG reports in a variety of formats                       
  • AUTO 12-lead acquisition                       
  • RHYTHM display and printing (up to 12 leads)                       
  • DISCLOSE five minutes of continuous waveform data for review and printing


Image Display15 in
Weight28 lbs

Additional Specifications

Auto Frequency Response: 0.05-150 Hz, 0.15-150 Hz, 0.5-150 Hz, 0.05-100 Hz, 0.15-100 Hz, 0.5-100 Hz, 0.05-40 Hz, 0.15-40, 0.5-40 Hz                       
Rhythm Frequency Response: 0.05-150 Hz, 0.15-150 Hz, 0.05-100 Hz, 0.15-100 Hz, 0.05-40 Hz, 0.15-40 Hz

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