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The Aestiva 7900 is a balance of advanced ventilation and exceptional capabilities, delivering a cost-effective approach to anesthesia therapy.

The Aestiva with the 7900 SmartVent* provides sophisticated ventilation capabilities that support the needs of a broad patient range. Aestiva's open architecture allows you to use your current monitors and data management systems, or an integrated anesthesia system with GE CARESCAPE* Monitors and Centricity Perioperative Anesthesia* information management systems.

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2 years ago
Need a manual

Equipment: aestiva 300 7900



-Barry Smith
10 years ago
MRI Compatible

I was wondering what it takes to make the 7900 or the Aestiva 5 MRI compatible? I was hoping to save money by being able to turn one of our existing Aestiva's into an MRI anesthesia machine.

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[list]          [*] The Aestiva* breathing circuit is integrated, which helps protect the components from damage and disconnection.          [*] Smart sensors and switches link communication between the breathing circuit and the [*] SmartVent* ventilator.           [*] Get close to your patient with monitors that are easily viewed and controls that are conveniently located, whether you are sitting or standing.           [*] Aestiva’s open architecture means it can fit easily with your existing equipment, monitors and accessories included.           [*] Enhanced Workflow Aestiva offers a cost-effective approach to anesthesia therapy and workflow through:          [*] Low planned maintenance requirements and durable components to improve uptime.          [*] An effective system for the practice of low-flow anesthesia, helping to minimize agent consumption to help save on anesthetic agent costs.          [/list]


GasesAir, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen
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