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The Alaris® System brings together PCA and continuous respiratory monitoring modules on a single platform.

The Alaris System brings together PCA and continuous respiratory monitoring modules on a single platform to address medication safety throughout the duration of PCA therapy.      The Alaris System is the first and only technology that offers the most commonly used safety technologies - PCA, large volume infusion, syringe, pulse oximetry (SpO2), capnography (EtCO2) and bar coding - for all infusions, with wireless connectivity to transmit pertinent data to existing clinical information systems and electronic patient records.

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6 years ago
Alaris PCA
Unit is alerting for calibration. When running calibration, PCA passes barrel clamp calibration but fails the next step which is plunger force calibration. Just alerts "calibration needed" while trying to calibrate?? Any suggestions?Reply


-Stan Skaggs
9 years ago
Wrong Service Manual for this catagory

This is the wrong service manual for this item.  This is a stand-alone PCA which is from Alaris, but it is not the one from the picture of the modular units.. Not sure if this catagory is the modular PCA or the standalone unit.. 



10 years ago
Alaris Medley 8120 PCA Pump

Does anyone know if you can or where I can order just the wiper assembly that is part of the Lower Housing Assembly kit from Alaris part number 148188-100?  I don't really need the rest of the kit and wanted to know if anyone has been able to source just the wiper assembly that appears to be the common failure point on this device.  Just trying to save some $$$

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[list]   [*] Right programming - The Alaris Auto-ID module confirms the right drug, right dose and right patient, while also capturing patient and clinician ID for potential eMAR documentation  [*] Right monitoring - Offers unique ability for the clinician to automatically pause PCA infusion if a patient falls below your hospital-defined respiratory limits.   [*] Right feedback - Captures patient PCA dose history with corresponding oxygenation and respiratory levels throughout the post-operative stay.   [/list]


Height15 in
Length 7.5 in
Weight5.5 lbs
Infusion Pump TypePatient-Controlled Analgesic (PCA)
Width4.5 in
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Class 1 Recall: CareFusion Corporation, Alaris PC Unit (Model...

he Alaris PC unit (model 8015) is part of the Alaris electronic infusion pump.

Class 1 Recall: CareFusion Alaris PC Unit, Model 8015

A component on the PC unit power supply board is causing an error code (120.4630): "System Error" or "Missing Battery Error" to occur. The error code is accompanied by both an audible alarm and a visual error message on the PC

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