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AIRIS Vento incorporates newly developed permanent open MRI technologies and a wealth of the latest know-how in superconductive MRI systems.

AIRIS Vento (0.3T) is a break-through in price performance whole-body MRI. It is the most advanced mid-field MRI, with all of the high-end features of Hitachi's well-proven AIRIS series. The award-winning open magnet maximizes patient friendliness and comfort. AIRIS Vento's outstanding performance underlines Hitachi's commitment to leading open MRI technology. With powerful gradients, the AIRIS Vento performs a virtually unlimited variety of advanced imaging techniques, including those previously associated exclusively with high-field MRI (e.g. fat-saturation/CHESS). The user-friendly system enables smooth and efficient patient examinations. Even with high patient throughput, the AIRIS Vento's image quality is not compromised.

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7 months ago
coil not registered

Hi, I'm trying to troubleshoot an Airis Vento, I don't have the service manual, the error that appears in the console is a warning, ID 22072, Message The connected coil are not registered in the system. Please register the coil information in the system. The cable pins were damaged and soldered again not by me...




3 years ago
Bios password for Hitachi vento LT mri
Hi everyone I need bios password for Hitachi vento LT mri for BEPC and FEPC. Help will be appreciated RegardsReply


5 years ago
service manual
hello, I need service manual and PM manual for AIRIS Vento 05 HITACHI MRI. Thank you Reply
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  • Two-pillar design
  • Asymmetric two-pillar design for maximum openness 
  • All advanced mid-field applications
  • Variety of fat-saturation techniques
  • Complementary or unique – the best solution for outpatient centres
  • Patient-friendly design
  • Low noise emission


Magnetic Field Strength0.3 T
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