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The Altaire is an open MRI system by Hitachi.

The seamless blending of high-field performance and the patient comfort of Open MR was up until now mutually exclusive. Altaire employs a unique blend of innovative Hitachi features called VOSI technology, optimizing each sub-systems performance in concert with the other sub-systems. In this way, Altaire is able to shatter old performance barriers while still delivering all of the benefits of Open MR. Altaire is exactly what one would expect from Hitachi, the world leader in Open MR.

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8 years ago
Coil repair/Replacement

Any 3rd party vendors available for the CTL coil?



-Data Entry Coordinator
9 years ago
Altaire Video

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Altaire Video


  • Power Driven in six directions
  • Reduces claustrophobia which leads to less rescanning caused by anxious patients
  • Uses Hitachi’s signature asymmetric two-post architecture
  • Open on all four sides allowing easy access to the patient


Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs

Additional Specifications

  • Table width: 80cm (31.5 inches)
  • Tabledrop: 49cm (19.2 inches)
  • Gap: 47cm (18.5 inches)
  • Post to post: 115cm (45.3 inches)

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