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Dew Point Meter

Model AMM-15 portable Dew Point Meter is designed to measure the performance of drying systems for air, nitrogen and other compressed gases. Model AMM-15 is ideal for monitoring medical,commercial and industrial applications including: Plastics resin dryers, breathing air, pneumatic tools, instrument air, and spraying/coating applications. The model AMM-15 measures dew point by utilizing microprocessor circuitry to convert the voltage output of HC-610 precision water vapor sensor and a temperature sensor to dew/frost point temperature by the use of psychrometric equations. Assembled in a rugged hand-held ABS plastic enclosure and equipped with quick disconnect tubing couplings and an internal sensor manifold. An orifice maintains line pressure for true pressure dew point readings. Air or industrial gases are sampled from receivers, pipes, and hoses up to 120 PSIG and 185ºF. In addition, heat sink tubing is available for sampling from drying systems and ovens up to 550ºF ( depending on ambient temperature). The AMM-15 can also be connected to a vacuum pump for sampling from piping, ovens, tanks or manifolds operating at ambient or low        

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  • Microprocessor Based Portable Battery Operated Instrument         
  • Digital Display - 40 to +80 °F Dew Point         
  • ± 2 °F From + 20 TO +80 °F         
  • ± 4 °F From - 40 TO +20 °F         
  • Samples Compressed Air Up to          120 PSIG         
  • Quick Connect Fittings, Connection Tubing and Other Adapters Supplied         
  • Utilizes Connect Fittings, Filter,Connection Tubing and Other Adapters Supplied         
  • Utilizes HC-610 Thin Film Polymer Integrated Water Vapor Sensor         
  • RS-232 Computer Interface, Data Logger         
  • Logs 2,860 Readings, Selectable Logging Rate


Height8.25 in
Length 4 in
Weight2 lbs
Analyzer/Simulator TypeFlow Meter
Width1.6 in
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