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Data-Driven Alarm Management Solutions

Alarm Management from GE Healthcare supports improved workflow and reduced fatigue via algorithm excellence, tailored settings and data analytics.    Clinical alarm management has become a critical safety initiative for healthcare providers. The Joint Commission has made alarm management a 2014 National Patient Safety Goal, making it more crucial than ever to address this challenge. GE Healthcare is working with healthcare providers to develop effective alarm management strategies that incorporate sophisticated technology, best practices and consulting to help reduce alarm fatigue, improve workflow, and support a healing environment for patients and their families.

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[list]  [*] Smart Lead Fail - providing uninterrupted arrhythmia monitoring in the event of a disconnected lead  [*] Telemetry Smart Alarms - helping to ensure uninterrupted monitoring  [*] User-Configurable Alarm Priority Setting2 - allowing caregivers to tailor parameter and arrhythmia alarm priorities based on patient’s intrinsic rhythm and/or parameter value  [*] Absolute Limits - prevents clinicians from adjusting parameter limits above and below what is considered a reasonable and safe range  [*] Locking Alarms - prevent clinicians from turning a parameter limit alarm off.  EK-Pro* Simultaneous Multi-lead Arrhythmia Detection  [*] IntelliRate  [*] DINAMAP SuperStat Non-invasive Blood Pressure  [*] Pulse Oximetry  [/list]

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