Hillrom - 2000C
by Hillrom

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Infant Warmer

Infant Warmer

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[list]    [*] Storing, Multi-Position Warmer/ Lighting Module    [*]Full-Time Servo-Control to with in.5º C of set point.    [*]High & Low Temperature Alarms, High Temperature Shut-off    [*]Automatic Pre-Warm Function, Electronic Stopwatch with Apgar Timer    [*]Dual-Yoke Gas Cylinder Manifold, Electronic Low Tank Pressure Alarm    [*]High-Pressure Pipeline Oxygen , Supply Hose    [*]Automatic Pipeline/Cylinder Supply Crossover Built-In Flowmeter,     [*]Built-In Airway Pressure Manometer with Safety Pop-Off Valve,    [*]Venturi-Operated Suction with Gauge and Mucus Trap    [/list]


Height70 in
Length 39 in
Weight250 lbs
Width29 in
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