GE Healthcare - OEC Fluorostar 7900
Manufactured by GE Healthcare

High performance in a cost-effective digital mobile imaging system.

GE Healthcare continues its technical leadership in fluoroscopic imaging with the OEC Fluorostar 7900. This system provides imaging in multiple applications and versatile clinical environments.

The Fluorstar 7900 provides 1K x 1K high-resolution imaging for multiple applications in a wide variety of clinical environments.

Not available for U.S. market.



5 months ago
Flurorostar touch screen scan disk?
I have a Flurorostar 7900 which is refusing to go beyond Please Wait 29 - SCANDISK active! Do not switch off the system. The IPC1000 seems to be working fine (tap screen, can navigate linux etc) but the touch screen isn't playing ball. How can I get it through this scan disk procedure and what might have triggered it?Reply


5 months ago
Service Manual
Hello, I'm in need of the service manual for the 790 cc oec flurostar arc, and the source of the intensifier. Someone can help me.


6 months ago
Computer IPC 1000
Dear colleagues! Required Computer IPC 1000 P / n 00-453963-01-1 pcs. For the C-arc system OEC FluorostarReply
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  1. Imaging processing 1K x 1K
  2. Pulsed Fluoroscopy, pre-defined modes for dose optimization
  3. PreView Iris/ Dual leaf collimator enables placement of shutter, reducing overall dose to patients and staff
  4. Dual side Laser Aimer helps align anatomy with precision from Image Intensifier and tube side
  5. SIMPLE Touch Screen User Interface
  6. 60,000 image storage in system hard drive
  7. CD Burner for image transfer in bmp or jpeg format
  8. USB port for plug-and-play image transfer to your PC
  9. Integrated DICOM


Maximum Focal Spot1.5 mm /.5mm
X-ray Generator Power Rating2.2 Kw

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