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ASP Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER)Convenience without compromise in an automatic endoscope reprocessor

The ASP Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) with printer is a simple-to-use, fully automated flexible endoscope reprocessing system that provides a safe, convenient working environment. An expanded basin provides sufficient depth for complete submersion and simultaneous processing of 2 flexible endoscopes with less coiling—and less damage—of delicate instruments. Self-contained and compatible with all major brands of flexible endoscopes as well as established protocols for endoscope reprocessing, the AER incorporates a hydrodynamic spray tower and built-in air compressor that provide thorough cleaning and drying of endoscope lumens.

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-Colleen LeVoir
6 years ago
ASP 387P-2 -
I am looking for a catalogue or a catqalogue download on the above machine - can you help me? Reply


-Scott H
8 years ago

I have an ASP AER 387P-2 washe that is giving a E02 error code and will not start a new cycle. I used the switch box to test all the pumps and valves, which all work. If anyone knows how to get this reset that would be great. Yes I have cycled power.



9 years ago
Looking for Service Manual for ASP AER

I am looking for a service manual fro the ASP AER (Automated Endoscope Reprocessor).

if you have and don't mind sharing please send me a note to

Thank you.



  • Complete perfusion occurs through 6 separate endoscope channel connectors       * Advanced thermostat-controlled heater assures appropriate disinfectant temperature.       * Optional stand-alone water filtration system reduces pyrogens and provides bacteria-free rinse water; unique hollow fiber water filter technology extends filter life to minimize costs.       * Compatible with CIDEX OPS Solution for rapid, cost-effective, glutaraldehyde-free disinfection

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