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Designed with the Next Generation technology, the STERRAD NX System is ASP's compact size sterilizer ideal for use anywhere in the hospital.

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a year ago
"Out of Range" Displays on startup?


I just received a used Sterrad NX - when I boot it up, I see the little linux logo and it succesfully starts up, but then I get a black screen with a white bordered grey box that says "Out of Range". Does anyone know what this is and where the error is coming from? Is it the power  supply to one of the components?





2 years ago
Unable to evacuate chamber
Vacuum system time out during vaporization pumpdown. When testing in service mode vac pulls to around 1 tor

Equipment: ASP - Sterrad NX



2 years ago
Booting error
Hello everyone I was given a Sterrad NX that appeared to be in mint condition. Not even a scratch on the surface. I connected the machine to a 20 amp outlet. The machine goes through the Linux boot up process just fine. When the ASP blue screen comes up, it states that the Sterrad booting is in progress... during that progress the machine acts like it was shot down and restarts again and goes through the booting process again. This goes over and over. I took out the compact memory flash card in the back and the machine recognized the missing card and will give me an error about the missing card I opened the machine and took the software memory card and inserted both in a Linux computer. Both cards showed files without corruption. I disconnected all cables to the motherboard and still getting same error. Any help is greatly appreciated Niazy Reply
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  • Two tiered 30 liter chamber and two cycle options for increased productivity
  • 28-minute Standard cycle for most surgical instruments
  • 38-minute Advanced cycle for single-channel flexible endoscopes
  • Space-efficient STERRAD NX System can be easily cart-mounted and moved where needed
  • Provides terminally sterile, packaged instruments thereby eliminating the need to compromise with liquid biocides


Height84.3 cm
Weight125 kg
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