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P BLOT is a fully automated Dot Blot processor able to manage in the same run: sample dilution and its dispensation, reagent dispensation, incubation times, strip washings, dot assessment by image processing of strip; the supplied software is also to provide the final report and record the results. Pictures of processed strips are directly taken from a digital colour camera when are still into the allotment trays. The system is able to automatically determine the strip position, identify the related blots, measure the blot intensity and give the results. Then the digital images are stored with a detailed report in a file, avoiding the tiring and time consuming task to collate the strips for the record.

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[list]      [*] 2 external washing tanks and 1 external waste tank, each equipped with level sensors.      [*] Strip vessels Six trays for 8 strips each, alloted on a shaker.      [*] Processing From 1 to 48 strips.      [*] Strip washing Aspirate and dispense liquid through out the two instrument probes.      [*] Dispensing system One aspirate probe and one dispense probe (XYZ movement).      [*] Dispense volume Up to 2500 µl by 1 µl resolution.      [*] Imaging acquisition High resolution Colour Camera mounted on moving Z group.      [*] Operating Functions The system can manage up to 10 method on the same run. Definition of incubation times and volume to dispense for sample and reagents. Different incubation times for each method Easy and fast settings for new protocols. Setting for the kind of strip to process. Automated Blot assessment and report.       [*] Software requirements User friendly software. Operating systems to set up the working list, patient reports and result storage. Host computer interface (LIS). Windows XP and 2000 operating system.      [/list]

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