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Mobile C-Arm

As a multipurpose high-end mobile C-arm, ARCADIS Avantic exceeds expectations. It combines a 33 cm (13) II (image intensifier), with the high output of a 20 kW generator, a continuous digital 1K2 imaging chain, and dynamic recording at a maximum frame rate of 30 f/s in DCM (Digital Cine Mode). Virtually all DICOM functions are supported as well.

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16 days ago
Arcadis avantic error 5013 and error 7054

good evening colleagues, I have a problem when turning on the equipment, errors E7054 and E5013 appear on the screen where the arc in c is and I get the following error on the monitor: ASP-GEP-E-5113, generator +15v or -15v out of range and I have the V109 led on the D1 card and VCC error on the D21 card. Has something similar already happened to someone or does someone have the error code manual or service manual, it would be of great help to me, thank you very much

Equipment: Siemens - Arcadis Avantic



17 days ago
On/Off button

Any body have the part number for this? (On/off button with cable and connector assembly)

On/off button with cable and X22 connector which the X22 connector will connect to the X12 on/off bard



-Medical Tech
20 days ago
unit is not booting up properly

hey, when I turn on the unit it does not boot up properly. on the monitor all I see is an under scroll blinking  and on the c-arm  control panel the red lights blink. another thing is when I turn of the system the monitor cart stays the same way with the under scroll blinking and the mouse on but the c-arm turns off. does anybody know whats wrong and what I should look for to solve this issue ? Thanks 

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  • Comprehensive power through a 20 kW generator meets the needs of virtually all applications. 
  • Equipped with a dual focus rotating anode tube with a tube housing heat capacity of 2.57 MHU delivering tube currents of up to 250 mA with a minimal pulse width of 7ms. DCM, with up to 30 f/s acquisition and storage rate, sets the stage for advanced vascular and cardiac surgery applications
  • The new all-in-one control panel, mounted on a swivel, allows convenient system operation from any side of the C-arm. 
  • The key functions of ARCADIS Avantic (e.g. operating modes, post-processing tools, electromagnetic brakes) can be controlled with a push of a button. 
  • An integrated laser light localizer, radiation free collimation and multi-level dose control are only a few of many dose reduction features. 
  • The detachable grid combined with a high resolution DAP (Dose Area Product) measuring chamber and an integrated copper filter open the path for pediatric surgery, where dose levels are most critical.


Maximum Focal Spot0.5 mm
X-ray Generator Power Rating25 Kw

Additional Specifications

  • Image intensifier sizes 
  • 13-inch 
  • X-ray tube heat capacity 
  • 2.5 MHU 
  • Spatial resolution -- fluoro 
  • 1.4 - 3.1 lp/mm (depending on zoom)

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