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Automated vacuum Tissue Processor

Designed for Lean and ergonomic operation, the Leica ASP6025 provides greater productivity with rapid turnaround times. The Leica ASP6025 supports diagnostic clarity thanks to an optimized reagent management system and validated processing protocols. Built-in safety features and reagent quality control deliver specimen protection and accurate processing results.

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-Justin 1
4 years ago
Service login
I am looking for the service login as i suspec i may have an issues with one of the valves in the air line and would like to login to service in order to test.Reply


5 years ago
Looking for service manual asp 6025
Looking for service manual for asp 6025. ThanksReply


5 years ago
Suspect mainboard faulty
Hi, I already swap connector of all the sensors on the retort. The sensors can be operate on Level 2 and 3. While on the Overlimt level and Level 1. The sensor cannot detect the damp cloth that cover the sensor head. When the sensor on Level 1 and Overlimit Level being swap to the connector Level 2 and 3. Both operates normally and can detect the damp clothes that cover the sensors. My team suspect the mainboard are faulty. Is there anyone who had encounter this problem before? I am very grateful if there is anyone who can assist me related to this matters. Thank you.Reply


  • Simple, easy-to-use LCD touch screen with an intuitive display and easy to follow icons helps reduce operator error
  • Accurate diagnosis is facilitated when samples are optimally processed. A built in densitometer automatically monitors ethanol concentration ensuring that specimens are processed in the proper dilution.
  • Advanced Specimen Safety - built-in battery backup system protects tissue samples in the event of a power outage
  • Quickly and easily view specimens through the retort viewing window to see that your specimens are fully covered during processing
  • Leica RemoteCare Service offers remote monitoring to help identify and eliminate problems before tissue damage occurs
  • Unique pre-melt paraffin station, the system helps avoid delays and ensures that paraffin is always available and melted prior to exchanging used paraffin
  • Eliminate the need to mix and prepare dilutions and spend less time maintaining the processor all while ensuring optimal specimen processing
  • Ready to Use (RTU) bottles reside in an easy to access drawer ergonomically designed to minimize spills and injuries
  • The remote drain system easily and safely drains hot used paraffin and lowers the risk of a paraffin spill


Height59.5 in
Length 26.77 in
Weight463 lbs
Width29.53 in

Additional Specifications

Processing Retort        Capacity: max. 300 cassettes        Reagent volume: max. 4.6 L (up to fill level of third sensor, without specimen filling)        Temperature (processing reagents): ambient or 35 °C to 60 °C        Temperature (cleaning reagents): 50 °C to 67 °C        Fill time: approx. 90 seconds        Drain time: approx. 80 seconds        Impregnation vacuum:  35 kPa        Infiltration pressure: +35 kPa        Fill vacuum:  35 kPa to  60 kPa        Drain pressure: +25 to +60 kPa                General        System bottles: 9 (in the reagent cabinet)        RTUbottles: 6 (in the drawer)        Condensate bottle: 1        Containers for cleaning solutions: 3 (not additional)        Bottle volume: 3.8 and 5.0 L

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