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Extremely rapid specimen freezing and frequent changes in specimen temperature, meeting even the highest demands for smooth operation and enhanced safety. With the CM1900’s overall engineering and ergonomic concept, the system provides accurate results for any cryostat application. The CM1900 is equipped with an ergonomically positioned handwheel for extremely smooth movement and easy locking in the upper position. The model also provides a functional control panel, which includes self-explanatory single-function keys and easily readable LEDs to prevent operating errors. 

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-Preston Frye
a year ago
Specimen head refrigeration disconnected
Flashing decimal places flashing at specimen head display temperature. Manual States specimen had refrigeration disconnected. After manual override and verified operation of compressor circuit after jumpering jp1 and s1 in position 3. Circuit does run compressor and fan. After resetting back to position zero and jumpering jp1 again. Same condition persists. Flashing decimal points at plate temperature read out. Any Ideas how to correct this condition to allow for normal plate refrigeration operation? Thanks!Reply


3 years ago
Leica CM1900. Solenoids not getting power
Hi, working on the CM1900. Driving me crazy. First problem: bad CFM. Replaced it. Second problem: bad starting circuit on one compressor. Replaced that. Third problem: bad compressor. Replaced that. Now the problem Im having is that the neither of the 3 solenoids are opening up. No voltage going to them in normal operation but do get voltage during test mode. Got a solid 24 VDC input to the circuit board. No voltage at the output. Please help! Thank you so much!!Reply


-troy b
5 years ago
need the charge refrigerant on the chamber compressor
how do you charge the refrigerant on a leica cryostat system with 404a and what should the pressures read on the liquid and suction lines Reply


  • Ergonomic handwheel           
  • Rapid specimen temperature control           
  • Quick freeze shelf           
  • Spacious, stainless steel chamber


Height1200 mm
Weight375 lbs
Width890 mm
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