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The ACUSON SC2000 ultrasound system PRIME is engineered to give users everything they need to make informed, critical decisions.

With innovations such as simultaneous anatomy and blood flow visualization with real-time volume color Doppler and aortic and mitral valve 3D modeling, this premier volume ultrasound system delivers all the information users need in the moments it matters most. 

The ACUSON SC2000 ultrasound system is a pioneering cardiac ultrasound platform that combines ultra-high data rate echo engine with a suite of advanced applications to simplify echo for users. Defining tomorrow’s standards in 2D and full-volume echo.

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a year ago
Need sc2000 prime tech manual
Ekg flatline not fixed by new cable. Need to check EKG box. How do i remove the front of the machineReply


4 years ago
M-Mode operation.
In order to rotate M-mode knob for gain do you have to tap the selection knob once or twice. It appears that if you only tap the M-mode once it will not increase gain when you rotate. I do not have access to a Operators manual so any help would be appreciated. Reply


-daveb medi
5 years ago
Change facility name
Can someone assist with changing the facility name? If it is done through the local service portal, do you have the log in info?Reply
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  • True volume TEE transducer
  • Real-time volume color Doppler
  • Hands-free image optimization
  • IN Focus coherent technology
  • The ACUSON SC2000 PRIME is engineered to drive rapid, insight-based decisions.It features the eSie Valves advanced analysis package, which provides fast, automated, and comprehensive analysis of valvular anatomy and function 
  • Automated measurements 
  • Knowledge-based applications
  • Valve modeling 
  • Streamlined ventricular quantification
  • The ACUSON SC2000 PRIME is designed to accelerate clinical decision-making through a fast, comprehensive, and reproducible analysis of the heart. This versatile system provides high-speed, high-quality imaging across all routine echo and echo guided interventions.
  • Fully-shielded TEE transducer
  • Quick scans and measurements
  • 2D and 3D TTE, TEE, and ICE transducers 

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