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Amsco SQ140 Surgical Lighting System from STERIS

The Amsco SQ140 Surgical Lighting System was designed to fulfill the customer need for a low cost, high value illumination system from STERIS. The SQ140 is a reliable, easy to maneuver lighting system designed to provide illumination for a variety of surgical procedures. Many of the optical capabilities found in the premium SQ240 Surgical Lighting System are designed into the SQ140 Lighting System. The system provides cool, shadow reduced, color corrected illumination appropriate for many surgical procedures.

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8 years ago
Steris SQ140 Manual

I'm Looking for the service manual/schematics for the Steris SQ140 OR lights.



-Gerald Williams
9 years ago
Circuit Breaker keeps tripping

I have an SQ140 that keeps tripping when both surgical lights are on and at high intensity. I know that the unit is no longer supportable but I'm looking for another control panel to replace the one I have. Can you help me locate on or where I can purchase one from? Thanks,


Additional Specifications

Light intensity @ 1 m in foot-candle (lux): 12,000 (129,170)    Light field diameter inches (mm): 6.5-8.5 (160-208)    Working distance inches (mm): 34-60 (833-1470)    Depth of field inches (mm): 26 (660)    Diameter of reflector inches (mm): 22 (559)    Color temperature: 4400k    CRI:92    Light source: Tungsten Halogen    Lamp Wattage: 220W    Lamp life hours (approximate): 1,000 typical, 2,000 on setting 3

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