Datex Ohmeda - Aestiva/5 7100
by Datex Ohmeda

An evolution of performance and value

The GE Aestiva/5 7100 offers a unique combination of quality performance and cost-control. While maintaining the industry-leading excellence of the Aestiva anesthesia system, the 7100 ventilator provides a wide range of capabilities, including optimal tidal volume compensation and integrated volume and oxygen monitoring.       
Clinicians around the world recognize the Aestiva/5 anesthesia system’s patient centered engineering and clinician-oriented efficiency. The flexibility provided by the 7100 ventilator offers you the ability to combine excellence and value.

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a month ago
Will not ventilate when switching from bag to vent mode.
Hello all, I have a 7100 that will not ventilate when switching from bag to vent mode. I have checked the microswitch on the lever and the GUI does show indicate which mode its in. I can here the vent engine actuating but I get no movement from the bellows and no movement of air across the flow sensors, thus I get no waveform on the GUI. I have done all leak tests in service mode and in normal operation mode, with no leaks. I have done all calibrations and diagnostic checks in service mode with no problems. The s/w is 1.3. Any help insight would be much appreciated. Thank youReply


2 years ago
changing the vent default settings

i would like to change the settings on one of the vents that are currently on pressure control mode. how do I get to the appropriate code

IK  MD , Florida



3 years ago
Leak not found and strange ventilation control

We have been comisioned to do maintennace on a 7100 machine, the first thing we found was a leak of 15 liters.  We have replaced all the o´rings and preventive maintenance kits (as this machines have never been done so).  The leak has droped to 500ml, but the manual indicates <200ml.  Any sugestion on how coudl we look for were is the leak?.  Machien passes all the tests after we have done a complete calibration.  But when we setup the volumne like to 250ml, it measures 240ml or so, but the pressure increases to 30-31 cm H2O, and if we set up a volume of 500mL, the pressure goes up to 90 cm H2O.  could this be a cause of the leak we still have?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.



  • Low overall height
  • User configurable drawers/shelving
  • Volume and Pressure modes with electronic PEEP
  • Exhaled volume, airway pressure and inspired oxygen monitoring capabilities
  • Direct access to ventilator parameter settings
  • Smart alarms direct user to specific problems and affected parameters
  • Pressure bar graph for visual reference on a breath-by-breath basis


Vaporizer TypeElectronic control
Vaporizers (Max)Three
Vent ModesVolume Control Mode With tidal volume compensation Pressure Mode (optional)
Height53.4 in
Length 32.7 in
Weight340 lbs
Width36.6 in