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Inverter Type General Radiographic System

EZy-Rad Pro is an X-ray radiography system. The dense dimensions are coalesced by the device that enables installation in tight spaces and the simple operations make imaging possible. EZy-Rad Pro facilitates stress-free preparation as the pioneering "one-touch guide" notifies the users about the appropriate exposure distance and cassette size along with the X-ray conditions. As per the requirement of medical facilities, easy to use and advanced image quality is offered by the device. Hassle-free imaging by piloting radiography preparation is ensured by the One-Touch Guide. To examine the region, the most favorable setting of the exposure conditions is required. Optimum setting of exposure distance, cassette dimension, and grid necessities is very difficult and needs experience. With EZy-Rad Pro, the intelligence of knowledgeable operators is integrated in the console. For each and every region the pre-programmed exposure conditions of the device are displayed on the console. This pre-programmed exposure conditions enable stress-free preparation even for the region which is not familiar.

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a year ago
shimadzu ezy rad pro X-ray Service Manual
Hi How are you today. Do you have a shimadzu ezy rad pro X-ray Service Manual? .i need service manual how to make a calibration . Thank you Reply


2 years ago
Help on ud-125-c2-p xray machine service
Ihave a probelem of blowing F1 and F2 fuse of the power suplay board and the led on controll panel was not displayed if any one who can help and send me a service manual by the model i menitiond on subject i will be glade May email add was With regard anubReply


-Murtaza jack
3 years ago
Circuit diagram of UD-125p-c
i need circuit diagram of ezyrad if anyone have kindly send me as Biotechmurtaza214@gmail.comReply
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One-Touch Guide -Ensuring stress-free imaging by navigating radiography preparation

  • Optimum setting of the exposure conditions like the exposure distance, cassette size, and grid requirements in accordance with the region to be examined is extremely difficult and requires experience. With EZy-Rad Pro, the wisdom of experienced operators is incorporated in the console. The pre-programmed exposure conditions are displayed on the console for each region, enabling stress-free preparation even for unfamiliar regions.                 

Reference skin dose indicator – Assisting X-ray dose management

  • In response to the ever increasing demand for lower doses, we have prepared a function that calculates and displays the predicted X-ray dose before exposure based on NDD method (optional).

432 Easy-to-Set Anatomical Programs

  • The compact console is designed to save space while enhancing operator-friendly interface. A standard feature is the productivity-boosting 432 anatomical programs. Entering and changing exposure parameters in these programs is straight-forward and easy.

Clear images provide high-quality diagnosis

  • A design based on a 60kHz high-frequency, inverter, X-ray high voltage generator and a 140kHU high-capacity X-ray tube unit allows high-current short-time radiography. This produces sharp images, regardless of patient movement.

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