STERIS - AMSCO Century V160

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Steris Amsco Century V160

The Amsco Century Small Sterilizers are designed for sterilization of materials used in healthcare facilities

Gravity: designed for sterilization of heat and moisture-stable materials and sterilization of items intended for immediate use. Gravity sterilizers are equipped with gravity and flash cycles.

Prevacuum: designed for fast, efficient sterilization of heat and moisture-stable materials in addition to the same sterilization capabilities as a gravity sterilizer. Prevacuum sterilizers are equipped with prevacuum, gravity, flash, express, leak test and daily air removal test cycles

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Looking for right manual
Weight limit for prevac cycles

Equipment: STERIS-AMSCO V160H

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Control System

  • Touch-sensitive screen with easy to read character display area
  • Ink on paper impact printer
  • Help screens for programming and trouble shooting alarm conditions
  • Communication interface compatible with most PC peripheral devices
  • Automatic check of control program and cycle data maintains process integrity
  • Service reprogrammable flash ROM memory

Vertical Sliding Door

  • Hands free loading and unloading
  • Foot Pedal activated door opening and closing
  • Non lubricated, steam-activated door seal

Modular Vessel and Piping

  • Increased dependability and reduced service times
  • Reduced piping components for increased reliability
  • Emergency manual exhaust valve
  • Electronic water conservation valve


OrientationFloor Standing
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