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Mobile C-Arm 

The technique eliminates the need to move and adjust the equipment during surgery, thus reducing both surgery time and radiation dose. When the need to move the equipment is eliminated, much better sterility is achieved. No part of the application requires movement under the operating table, which otherwise is a great cause for concern when it comes to keeping the operating environment sterile. The ability to double the surgeon's view also results in accurate positioning of implants, creating a safer and more reliable method of surgery.

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11 years ago
software corrupted

can't booting software

system is stack on the starting up windows 2000

we need the the recovery CD / DVD



-jaroslav Volár
13 years ago
biplanar 300
Please help me! I do not know what belongs to the integrated circuit for remote control device 300 Biplanar Thank youReply


-Terry Nelson
14 years ago
Biplanar C arm cost
What is the average cost of one of the Biplanar C-arms?Reply


  • Shorter operating time 
  • Accurate and easy positioning 
  • Optimal sterility 
  • Less radiation 
  • Simultaneous frontal & lateral view 
  • Large space to work 
  • Total control in each step

Additional Specifications

  • The ability to simultaneously see the surgical area in both a frontal and lateral view brings several advantages.

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