Hamilton Medical - MR1
Manufactured by Hamilton Medical

Intelligent Ventilation from ICU to MRI

The HAMILTON-MR1 MRI ventilator guarantees uncompromised continuous ventilation care from the ICU to the MRI scanner and back. Its reliability and high performance make the HAMILTON-MR1 the ideal choice for any critical care department that needs to transport ventilated patients to the MRI department on a regular basis.             
The integrated high-performance turbine enables the HAMILTON-MR1 to be completely independent from compressed air. This reduces weight and saves space during intrahospital transport.             
The HAMILTON-MR1 includes Hamilton Medical's standardized Ventilation Cockpit user interface and the unique intelligent ventilation mode, Adaptive Support Ventilation.



2 years ago
neonates ventilation

In case of neonates and childrens ventilation

can i ventilatete them without intubation provided that they are just

sedated for 10 min

if podsible can imoniter them easily

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    Integrated pneumatic nebulizer             
  1. The integrated pneumatic nebulizer is fully synchronized and provides a fine mist of aerosol particles that have improved alveolar mobility. This increases the amount of drug introduced into the lung during pulmonary drug administration.              
  2. Dynamic Lung for simplified patient monitoring             
  3. The Dynamic Lung panel is part of the Ventilation Cockpit. It displays tidal volume, lung compliance, interaction with the heart, patient triggering, and resistance in real-time. The lungs expand and contract in synchrony with actual breaths. The shape of the lungs changes with compliance. Numeric values for resistance (Rinsp) and compliance (Cstat) are also displayed.             
  4. Proximal flow sensor for precise measurements             
  5. The proximal flow sensor precisely measures the pressure, volume, and flow directly at the patient’s airway opening. This provides the required sensitivity and response time, and prevents dead space ventilation. Your patient is better synchronized and has less work of breathing as a result.              
  6. Mobility for intra-hospital transport             
  7. The high-performance turbine enables the HAMILTON-MR1 mechanical ventilator to be completely independent from compressed air, and its integrated high-capacity battery allows you to ventilate your patients during intrahospital transport without the need of an external power source. The light weight and compact design of the HAMILTON-MR1 mechanical ventilator make handling much easier.             
  8. MRI conditional (up to 50 mT)             
  9. Integrated TeslaSpy gaussmeter             
  10. Ventilation of adultd, children, and neonates             
  11. 9 h of battery operating time             
  12. Advanced ventilation modes including ASV             

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Intelligent humidification with the new HAMILTON-H900

After successful 510(k) clearance, Hamilton Medical presents the new active humidifier HAMILTON-H900 in the US. With improved ergonomics, ease of use, and facilitated handling.


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