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Conventional design, with a compact breathing system, optional cascade flow tubes and advanced ventilation modes, make the system ideal for low flow anesthesia, which can significantly reduce operating room costs and is more environmentally friendly. The modular design of the unit provides flexibility to configure a system specific to your needs and budget. This flexibility is also valuable for your changing requirements. As technology progresses you may choose to upgrade key elements of your system. The ventilator, absorber, vaporisers, suction or scavenging can be purchased separately without having to invest in a completely new unit. The simplicity of the system allows cleaning and maintenance, as all areas are easily accessible. The open frame design and large work surfaces makes it easy for mounting the monitoring system of your choice.

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4 years ago
Service manual
I need service manual of blease focus space lab anesthesia machine email plz at Reply


4 years ago
Errors while operating with peads mode
I have a problem in my machine it work fine in adult mode but it shows different behavior in peads mode for example tidle volume etcReply


6 years ago
Drive Gas
Any body know how much drive gas is required to drive the ventilator of Blease Focus?Reply
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[list] [*] Performance: Easy to use, easy to move. [*] Choice: Adapt the equipment to your patients and procedures. [*] Ventilation: Precision Pressure Control™ and Advanced Pressure Support™ completes your ventilation portfolio. [*] Vaporization: Proven performance and reliability. [/list]


Height57 in
GasesAir, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen
Length 32 in
Weight176 lbs
Width25 in

Additional Specifications

Maximum loading Monitor shelf 30kg / 66.14 Ibs (evenly distributed) Working surface 50kg / 110.23 Ibs (evenly distributed) Low shelf 40kg / 88.18 Ibs (evenly distributed) Pneumatic Max. no. of gases 3 Max. no. of cylinders 4 Max. no. of pipelines 3 Max. cylinder size E Electrical No. of sockets 4 Max. loading per socket 3.0A Datum Vaporisers (Back-bar compatible with all 5 agents including Desflurane) Anaesthetic agent Halothane Isoflurane Enflurane Sevoflurane Range of flowmeters with hypoxic guard Type 02 N20 Air Simplex 0.1 – 10 lpm 0.2 – 12 lpm 0.1 - 15 lpm Cascade low range 0.1 – 1.0 lpm 0.1 – 1.0 lpm 0.1 – 1.0 lpm Cascade high range 0.1 – 10 lpm 0.2 – 12 lpm 0.1 – 15 lpm

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Class 1 Recall: Spacelabs Healthcare, Inc., Spacelabs Anesthesia...

here is a potential defect in the CAS I/II Absorber products employed in the BleaseSirius Anesthesia Workstation, BleaseFocus Anesthesia Workstation, and Service Kits Part Number 050-0659-00 and 050-0901-00.

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