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300MA X-Ray Machine

Extensively used for routine radio graph and fluoroscopic diagnostic procedures of the chest, extremities, skull skeletal system, respiratory system, obstetric, pelvis, spinal column and gastrointestinal track, we offer a wide range of 300MA X-Ray Machines. Apart from diagnosing various diseases, this type of machine is also used for special investigation including barium, IVP and HSG examinations.

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  • Digital Display for Line Input Voltage, Supporting user to operate at 220V for accurate results.
  • Auto Programmable unit. Indication of Body part on each, With press of a button the kVp, mA and mAs is automatically selected. 
  • LCD Display for kvp, mA and mAs.
  • With Each Body part, Bucky is automatically selected where ever required.
  • 24 Auto Programmable buttons for various Body parts And 12 Additional APR buttons for user to store additional values.
  • Manual selection of kVp, mA and mAs for Increase/Decrease.
  • All APR buttons can be reprogrammed at customer's Place as per requirement.
  • Each kVp step of 2kVp, thereby giving better Radiographic results.
  • Microprocessor Based Overload Protection for 100% safety.
  • Microprocessor Based Electronic Exposure Control for Accurate exposure to the level of Micro Secs.
  • Automatic Overload protection with visual & audible indication for longer life of the Tube.
  • Automatic cutoff for High Input Voltage.
  • mAs… Each Step of 2 mAs, thereby giving much higher Timer combinations.
  • Count of Number of Exposures possible.

Additional Specifications

X-Ray Generator : 60 mA or 100 mA     
Power Requirement : 220V AC , 50 Hz , Single Phase     
Model : ADONIS AE 60 / 100     
Generator Type : Line Frequency ( 2 Pulse Full wave rectified)     
KVp Range : 40-100 kVp ( Each step of 2 kVp)     
mA Range : 25 mA - 100 mA     
mAs Range : 2 -300 mA ( Each step of 2 mAs)     
Radiographic Timer : Automatic selection by Microprocessor ( 2 ms to 6 secs)     
Tube Type : Stationary Anode Tube

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