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CS 2200 System

The CS 2200 Intraoral X-Ray System maximizes your diagnostic abilities and improves your workflow. Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly design, the unit’s very high-frequency (DC) x-ray generator ensures superior image quality and reproducibility, with improved safety conditions. What’s more, the unit’s new timer is a model of simplicity—further ensuring quick, safe and simple image acquisition.

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3 years ago
Error E 01 how to fix it
How to fix this? Reply


-Hector tecnico
7 years ago
Alguien sabe como solucionar el problema de error 13?
Alguien sabe como solucionar el problema de error 13?Reply


7 years ago
Service technician



Can someone tell me if it is possible to fix CS2200 scisor arm that drifting.

Carestream recommand to replace with new generation arm, but i think it should be possible to replace the gas sping inside?


Thank you




[list]                Optimize Diagnoses                The CS 2200 System has an adjustable tube voltage (60 or 70 kV), so you can customize contrast or gray shading levels based on exam requirements—providing the control you need to support your diagnoses.                                Versatile Design                Compatible with both film and digital imaging applications, the CS 2200 System works the way you do. Available in five available mounting options, two types of timers, and three arm lengths, the system can be easily adapted to match the configurations of your practice.                                Maximum Image Quality                Our very high-frequency generator ensures superior image quality. Equipped with a focal spot of 0.7 mm, the CS 2200 System produces sharp, focused images each and every time. And the unit’s short exposure times make it an ideal product to use with our full range of dental digital radiography systems.                                Reduced Radiation Dose                The CS 2200 System generates as much as 30% less radiation than traditional x-ray generators—thereby ensuring the safety of your patients and staff. In addition, the system’s electronic timer determines the optimal dose for patients based on exam settings, so you can work confidently with no worries of overexposure. And, after each exposure, the dose level is displayed for quick and simple dose monitoring.                                Usability at Its Best                Compact and easy-to-use, the CS 2200 System’s handheld timer allows users to quickly select the right exposure settings. Pre-programmed to automatically calculate settings, the timer intuitively determines the appropriate exposure time based on anatomical region, patient bodyweight and detector type. Plus, the timer’s clear and easy-to-understand icons allow you to make your selections in less time than ever and help reduce the risk of mistakes.                                [/list]


X-ray TypeDigital

Additional Specifications

X-Ray Generator: Very High-Frequency DC (300 kHz)  Tube Voltage:60 kV, 70kV  Tube Current: 7 mA (film) - 4 mA (digital)  Power Supply:100-110-130 V / 60 Hz - 230-240 V / 50 Hz  Current: 12 A (100 - 110-130 V) -5 A (230 - 240 V)  Equipment Certification: UL - C/CE  Focal Spot:0.7 mm  Focal Length:8 in  Dimensions of Wall Mount:20.2 in (L) x 7.5 in (H) x 4.3 in (W)  Mounting OptionsWall (horizontal right and left, vertical), ceiling, mobile, floor  Arm Length Options: 67 in, 74 in, 81 in

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