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Fast and Easy Access to Medications on the Patient Floor

Aesynts AcuDose-Rx® automated medication dispensing cabinets help nurses get the medications they need, when they need them. The cabinets provide nurses with fast and easy access to medications on the patient floor, while improving pharmacy oversight of the medication-use process. AcuDose-Rx automatically tracks and sends real-time usage data, enabling pharmacy to monitor the most important safety, security and inventory factors. AcuDose-Rx features the RightStock™ system, an intelligent feature set that automatically optimizes cabinet inventory and reduces costly expired medications and stock outs.        AcuDose-Rx is the most flexible and easy-to-learn cabinet on the market, and the only one optimized for use in both cabinet-centric and patient-centric medication dispensing environments. The totally new cabinet features a completely redesigned user interface, as well as design enhancements including a large work surface, ergonomic hardware placement, a new integrated medication bag drawer and thermal printer label. A new instructional panel trains nurses as they use the cabinet, making sure that they have contextually based information about the tasks they are performing.

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9 years ago
acudose rx erase patient data but preserve OS

I am trying to remove the patient information from a Accudose RX Cart but preserve the system software. The manufacturer is not willing to help as we are not going to continue with their system. Does anyone out there have any tips that they could offer. Thank you!!!



[list]    [*] Optimizes cabinet inventory and reduces stock outs with the RightStock system automatically    [*] Icon CheckImproves medication delivery by getting nurses in and out quickly with intuitive workflow    [*] Icon CheckControls medication delivery at the point-of-care    [*] Icon CheckBalances safety and accessibility    [*] Icon CheckSupports enhanced reporting features to improve pharmacy oversight of clinical, inventory and operational factors    [*] Offers flexible and safe storage     [*] Provides fast and easy access     [*] Flexible, easy-to-use dispensing cabinet    [*] Delivers medication when needed     [/list]

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