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Cryosurgical system

The D.O.R.C. CryoStar is the smart cryosurgical system that combines optimal performance with state-of-the-art automation. Simple for O.R. staff to operate and maintain throughout every procedure.

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[list]      [*] Microprocessor automated set-up and operation.       [*] Electronically controlled for quick repeated freeze/defrost cycles.       [*] Automatic purge ensures internal clearing of residual moisture.       [*] Nitreous Oxide (N2O) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) driven.       [*] External filter assures consistent performance and reliability            CRYO PROBE FEATURES      [*] Autoclave cap chained to probe connector.       [*] Sterilizable via flash/steam, gas or Sterrad.       [*] Selected probe styles contain an internal thermocouple which facilitates tip temperature monitoring.       [*] Orientation indicator on curved probe styles ensures proper tip placement every time.                  System Status Icons       [*] Green light indicates ready to freeze       [*] Amber light indicates busy when system is performing internal function       [*] Acoustic signal            Time Display       [*] Shows time elapsed as footswitch is pressed       [*] Shows cumulative freeze time for current probe             Probe Socket       [*] Quick-fit connection       [*] Adaptor available to fit original D.O.R.C. Cryo Probes             [/list]

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