Stryker - 5400-50 CORE Console
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Stryker® CORE Powered Instrument Driver Console 5400-50

Stryker Endoscopy offers unrivaled power and precision for Arthroscopy with the CORE console. Along with the reliable cutting performance of the Formula® line of cutters and burs,the CORE console increases efficiency and efficacy in the OR. 
The ability to control Stryker Instruments saws and drills also makes this a must have in a hospital or surgery center.

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8 months ago
Error message

My Stryker Core console is giving me this error message...stryker core console Main Board EEPROM (I2C bus) Communication Error.  

Equipment: Stryker Core Console



10 months ago
Error: Expired tag
Error: Expired tag I get this error when plugging a shaver into the console. Is this an error with the console or with the handpiece?Reply


2 years ago
CORE Touch Screen Cal?
Is there a way to calibrate the touch screen? I can get to the point where there is a small red square in upper left corner, but not sure how to proceed, nothing I do works. Thanks for any help.Reply


  • Operates two handpieces simultaneously         

  • Integrated irrigation pump         

  • Enhanced flow-rate control         

  • Intuitive color touch screen display         

  • New user interface (GUI)         

  • Fully customizable user preferences         

  • Easily accessible user favorites button         

  • On screen Help          

    Integrated Irrigation         

  • Easily inserted irrigation cassette         

  • Enhanced flow-rate control         

  • Auto-prime feature         

  • Reduces thermal necrosis         

  • Clears bone debris

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