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Anesthesia For The MRI Environment

When anesthesia is required during scanning, either to calm anxious patients, pediatrics and or for more extensive surgery, the Blease Genius system is fully MRI compatible and can work in close proximity to the scanner without adverse effects.   
This offers a number of benefits which include the opportunity for the anesthetist to work closely to their patient and eliminates the need for extra long breathing circuits which can cause a loss of system compliance.   
The Blease Genius MRI can be equipped with the Blease 2200 pneumatically driven, MRI compatible ventilator.

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8 months ago
BleaseGenius Ventilator user manual
If some one have this manual please share with me thank you.Reply


6 years ago
Blease Genius MRI

Dear Sirs

We are looking to purchase Blease Genius MRI

Please provide you prices and availability.

Thank you

RB Enterprise

Boston, MA

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  • Complete MRI compatible anesthesia system    
  • 2 or 3 gas machine with a one-stationSELECTATEC backbar    
  • Optional airway pressure disconnect alarm    
  • Choice of cascade or simplex flowmeters    
  • Wall, rail or trolley mounted options    
  • Air/N2O interlock as standard    
  • Optional oxygen monitor    
  • Made entirely from non-ferrous metals    
  • Can be safely used up to the 1000 Gauss line    
  • Battery operated and pneumatically driven


Vaporizer TypeElectronic control
Height59 in
Length 29 in
Width24 in
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