Hillrom - Totalcare P1900
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Hill-Rom Total Care Bed P1900

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6 months ago
Battery mode switch location?
Try'n to help family member. Bed wouldn't lower.... Someone hit CPR. .... after, Bed wouldn't level out . Got cylinder off..... Lowered bed by hand. Plugged in & nothing, it does nothing. Please help if able. Thank you.

Equipment: Hillrom - Totalcare P1900 sport



7 months ago
Mattress loud

Ok I can handle sounds but can someone share if this is normal for the mattress air to make so much noise? Gets quiet and then revs high… 

Equipment: Hillrom totalcare P1900



8 months ago
Hydraulic oil leaks
My father has a hillrom P1900 bed and it started making a strange sound like a power steering pump low on fluid. And the bed slowly quit rising and lowering . I then found that the bed is leaking fluid at the head of the bed. Is there a common issue for the leak? I didn't know if the plastic tank is prone to cracking or could there be a particular hose or manifold that is liable to crack or solenoid that leaks etc. It looks like a hose or the tank might be the culprit but the bed is almost all the way in the lowered position so seeing in the area of the tank is rather difficult. Is there a emergency release that would allow me to manually raise it high enough to see what might be behind the leak. I don't have any service or operators manual since the home healthcare place claims they don't have anything on this bed. Any ideas or recommendations on places to locate manuals or trouble shooting guides would be greatly appreciated. I'm full capable of working on then seeing as I was a engineer at Phillips petroleum for years and now recycle Alfa Romeo, Maserati Ferrari and Lamborghinis on the side when not build engines for Alfa spiders for track use .

Equipment: Hillrom P1900s



Hill Rom TotalCare P1900 Treatment Bed


  1. Critical Care Hospital Bed         
  2. Controls on the side rails for all positions         
  3. Both manual and electric controls as well as full chair position         
  4. Trendelenburg position to facilitate ease of care and add comfort         
  5. Removable Head and Footboard         
  6. All four wheels lock from a single pedal on both sides of the bed         
  7. CPR Release         
  8. GCI Interface         
  9. Nurse SideCom & Patient SideCom Controls With Lockout          
  10. Hands-Free Emergency Trendelenburg Release          
  11. Hands-Free Emergency CPR Release          
  12. Recliner Positioning          
  13. Full Chair & Chair Egress Positioning          
  14. Bed-Flat Control          
  15. Flex-A-Foot Retractable Foot Mechanism          
  16. Fluoroscopy Compatible          
  17. Automated Underbed Nightlight          
  18. Drainage Bag Holders          
  19. IV Pole Storage         


Bed TypeElectric
Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs
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