Hillrom - Totalcare P1900
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Hill-Rom Total Care Bed P1900

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22 days ago
flashing service required
Flashes code 1 pause 4 pause 7 will not operate at all

Equipment: Hillrom - Totalcare P1900



-David is sexy
a month ago
Hil room 1900 total care sport
The chair position light goes off and on and we have never used that function and alarm sounds and feet and head controls raise bed when chair position light comes onReply


a month ago
Bed deck does not want to raise
I am disabled and bought a Hill Rom P1900 Total care bed from a govt auction. The bed work fine for a few months but has now stopped raising almost entirely. At first I thought it was a hydraulic fluid issue. I had my brother check the fluid level and he said that with the deck and head etc down the fluid level was just barely below the "A" level and that when we was able to coax the bed up it was right around the "B" level. What is happening is that when the deck up button is pressed there is an initial jump of a fraction of an inch and then it slows to a stop as the motor continues to whir. If we continue to press and release the up button we can get the bed to slowly raise after many short jumps with the foot being higher than the head. With the bed in the down position I can lay in the bed and raise the head only in a reasonable fashion and the knee raise function works but seems very slow and sometimes take a couple of tries to initialize. I tried ordering some hydraulic fluid to see if adding the little bit that it is low would help, but everywhere I have found it has been either out of stock or has a $25 shipping for a quart of oil. I have 2 questions 1. Is there an off the shelf hydraulic fluid I could use that want be so expensive? 2. Is there any other ways I can troubleshoot and possibly fix my bed? I would appreciate any help offered. I saved a long time to get this bed. I injured my spine and cannot lay flat in a bed so I spent 11 years sleeping in recliners. I don't want to go back to my feet hanging off of a foot rest again.

Equipment: Hillrom - Totalcare P1900



Hill Rom TotalCare P1900 Treatment Bed


  • Critical Care Hospital Bed         
  • Controls on the side rails for all positions         
  • Both manual and electric controls as well as full chair position         
  • Trendelenburg position to facilitate ease of care and add comfort         
  • Removable Head and Footboard         
  • All four wheels lock from a single pedal on both sides of the bed         
  • CPR Release         
  • GCI Interface         
  • Nurse SideCom & Patient SideCom Controls With Lockout          
  • Hands-Free Emergency Trendelenburg Release          
  • Hands-Free Emergency CPR Release          
  • Recliner Positioning          
  • Full Chair & Chair Egress Positioning          
  • Bed-Flat Control          
  • Flex-A-Foot Retractable Foot Mechanism          
  • Fluoroscopy Compatible          
  • Automated Underbed Nightlight          
  • Drainage Bag Holders          
  • IV Pole Storage


Bed TypeElectric
Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs
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