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The GE Venue 40 Portable Ultrasound System is designed for ease of use, minimizing exam time, and rendering premium quality images.

With intuitive, pre-configured applications for Anesthesia, MSK, Interventional, and Point of care ultrasound,the GE Venue 40 makes scanning easy for even a novice user. The touch interface makes navigating the user interface a breeze. Since the system has no buttons, no keyboard, and no knobs to complicate the process or slow users down  just gel and go.

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a year ago
Diagnostic menu access
Does anyone know password to access diagnostic menu ?Reply


a year ago
diagnostic menu access
Does anyone know password to access the diagnostic menu ?Reply


a year ago
Stylus Required
Does this ultrasound machine require a special stylus to utilize the touch screen? If so, where can I find one? I've tried several regular stylus.

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Venue 40

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GE Venue 40 Video Demonstration


[u]High-resolution images for a high level of confidence[/u]

  • Needle recognition supports vision in three key areas—needle, anatomy and motion - to help accurately reveal the structure of a needle within anatomy, without distortion.
  • Precisely visualize your target and surrounding anatomy – all with defined edges and detail.
  • Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) highlights vascular sensitivity for fine vascularity and low flow. 
  • PDI quantification for diagnosis and monitoring.
  • PDI sensitivity helps verify the presence of blood flow to help detect small vessels, inflammation and disease states in adult and pediatric patients.    
  • Color and PDI quantification helps measure blood flow within a specific area to assist with diagnosis and monitoring.

[u]Remarkably easy to use – regardless of the application[/u]

  • Choose from three probes - always connected - for quick access to multiple exams.
  • Work quickly with intuitive, pre-configured application settings.
  • Perform exams easily with an intuitive touch interface.
  • Respond fast with quick boot-up when time is critical.
  • Enhance comfort and efficiency with adjustable height and screen.

 [u]Designed for easy cleaning[/u]

  • Single-surface, splash-resistant screen has no seams, buttons, keyboard or a monitor frame to trap contaminants.
  • Flush transducer connection helps to reduce the places germs can hide. 
  • Screen withstands medical disinfectants and everyday wear and tear.

[u]Portability for better mobility - on the go[/u]

  • Sleek, compact system wheels into tight spaces such as bedside or trauma bay. 
  • Universal docking system enables mounting to a cart or a table dock without tools for easy transfer while on battery. 
  • Quick-boot-up readies the system by the time gloves are put on
  • Fast battery recharge minimizes downtime.
  • Optional storage tray keeps supplies within reach for convenience.

[u]Straightforward and flexible data management[/u]

  • Easily record, archive, recall and transfer files, or print. 
  • Flexible archiving so users never have to leave images in the machine. 
  • Send images to the destination – PACS or EMR – even on battery and unplugged. 
  • Use the DVI port to display user screens on an external monitor. 
  • Get easy archiving with multiple file formats: JPEG and MP4 (one-minute loop capability). 
  • Save images to SD Card or USB drive for easy archiving.
  • Transfer images on the spot with wired or wireless (optional) network connection.
  • Store images and cine loops to a shared folder across the network for attachment to EMR.
  • Store images to PACS and worklist with optional DICOM. 
  • Print on the go with optional black-and-white printer.

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